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How Much Does Bookkeeping Cost?

These accounting tasks include preparing financial statements and filing taxes. Full charge bookkeepers typically work for small-to- medium-sized businesses and can be assisted by an external CPA on more complex transactions. If your business is moving into a growth stage, you need to consider graduating to full accrual based accounting, with financial and management reports that help you scale. Typically you will need this level of financial management not only for yourself but for your key stake holders including banks, investors and advisors. The reason for the variation is like any other type of freelance service or job — a number of factors influence your rates, from your location to the type of services you offer business owners. One thing many business owners end up turning over to a professional is their bookkeeping.

Getting answers on the cost of bookkeeping is often less than straightforward. There’s a lot of different information floating around on cost, and it’s not always clear what might apply to your particular situation. There are also several different ways to approach getting a bookkeeper, which can make it tricky to do apples-to-apples comparison. There is no magic number to know when you’re ready to take on a bookkeeper for additional support. Instead, it’s more of a holistic view of time, resources, and the ability to become more efficient that will make or break your decision.

Cost for a Freelance Bookkeeper

On average, hiring a full-time bookkeeper will cost around $5000 a month or $60,000 per year. While part-time bookkeepers would earn around $2000 per month on average. In today’s remote work, many companies hire bookkeeping services in states like Florida, which have no income tax and lower cost of living.

Or you may want to go with a large firm that takes on a high volume of clients for a lower rate. These industries generally provide specialized services to clients that do not employ bookkeepers internally. In 2020, they combined What are the average Bookkeeping Rates & Fees for Small Businesses? to account for more than 11.5% of all bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks working in the United States. Bookkeepers still play important roles on accounting teams, especially in the small business world.


Outsourcing may require paying an hourly rate for the professional’s work, or you may decide an agreed-upon set monthly rate for the services. In most cases, working out a set rate is best and makes it easier for your budget. Hiring a bookkeeper that totally understands your industry and its regulations is an important distinction to make when you’re looking for the right person or team to fill the job. Businesses in the hospitality or property management industries may need different financial services than business owners of a restaurant franchise.

Average entry-level salaries approach $38,000 per year, according to Payscale. From this viewpoint, bookkeeping offers an appealing path to an accounting career. In terms of average pay rates, BLS data from May 2021 identifies the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Washington, California, and Connecticut as the top-paying areas.

Dollar on pace for 8th straight weekly gain for first time since 2015

So, you need to take your time when setting prices for your services. You’ve been saving your money and combing the housing market and, just when you’re ready to buy your first home, you get broadsided by rising mortgage interest rates. Although higher rates definitely will add to the cost of your monthly mortgage payments, they don’t have to mean the end to your dream of home ownership. We have some advice to help you buy that house or condo, even at a higher interest rate. As a bookkeeper, your income level may vary based on your location, experience and employer.

What are the average Bookkeeping Rates & Fees for Small Businesses?