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what Windows utility program lists errors and issues that need attention?

Use our contact page for any suggestions, compliments or complaints. On another note, if the System Restore tab from the second step is graded out as shown below, then you simply might not have a Restore Point. In that case, this method obviously won’t work; however, it might be a good time How To Rollback canon Drivers in Windows 10. to create a Windows 11 restore point for future use though. The System Restore feature will take your PC back to the old restore point. Now check if you’re still facing issues with your registry. Once you’ve finished the deep scan and deleted all the discovered malware, reboot your system and enjoy the satisfaction of a bug-free machine.

•Generated audit events must be logged in a near-real-time manner. The correct operation of auditing and logging shall be verified on an ongoing basis using means such as heartbeat or call-and-respond. As mentioned earlier, you can now figure out how you can apply this method to narrow down any event log.

The other option is to switch to a local/offline account and when asked for What is a Windows driver? a password, leave it blank in both slots. In the old days, when you went to do an install, the screen would suddenly dim and everything seemed to come to a halt, causing several heart attacks amid the populace. UAC lives on and will still dim the desktop, but you have the option to turn it off, or at least prevent the screen dimming as you get a different notification. Here are the step by step instructions on how to use Bit Driver Updater to download and install the latest version of your USB driver.

Disable CVE-2021-1678 mitigation

Repairing an installation keeps the software in a working state by overwriting changed files and reinstalling missing files. The price for repairing a hard drive depends on the hard drive type, how severe the damage is, and, of course, on the repair service you choose. In general, the cost starts somewhere around $200 and can even go up to $1000 or more. But keep in mind that it is not recommended to try to fix a hard dry by yourself since it is very easy to make things worse. If you want to repair a hard drive, the best option for you is to resort to a professional service. Unlike solid-state disks or USB flash drives, which have no moving parts, every traditional hard drive has a very fragile part called the read/write head.

Performing system restore is another useful way to fix corrupt registry on Windows 10. Note that if this button is greyed out on your screen, then you probably don’t have a Restore Point on your PC in the first place. If that’s the case, then, you can jump straight to the next method.


If the issue is only with a printer or USB drive, you can check the individual solutions that can help you connect them without any errors and trouble. Some USB devices don’t work on USB3, so if your PC supports USB3, you need to disable it via BIOS. Making changes in the BIOS settings is the crucial step; hence proceed only if you know how to handle BIOS. An incorrect change in the BIOS can damage your PC beyond repair. If you are still experiencing USB device not recognized error messages when you connect a USB device to your computer, you can update Generic USB Hub.

Under the “Resources settings” section, configure the resources settings using the documentation of the device. Right-click the device and select the Enable device option. Use the device troubleshooter to diagnose and resolve the issue.