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My roadmap for passing the CompTIA Network+ N10- in 2 weeks with no IT experience

That way, you know the exact areas where you need to focus your studies. This is also one of the reasons why skipping questions you don’t know is encouraged.

Railgrade: How To Beat The Timer And Get S Grade On Every Level – TheGamer

Railgrade: How To Beat The Timer And Get S Grade On Every Level.

Posted: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 20:27:00 GMT [source]

With a CompTIA Network+ certification, you become eligible for a number of network administrator jobs. When job openings are announced by a reputed IT company, hordes of career aspirants assemble in long queues for their shot at a lucrative career. Most hopeful candidates fall flat at the initial hurdles and the ones who make it through to the final rounds are judged on the basis of their skills and certifications. Fortune usually favors those who have the right credentials and the skills to match.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of doing CompTIA Network+ Certification and how to ace your exam to get net+ the certification on your resume. Yes, a significant amount of networking expertise is required for the Security+ test.

If you don’t understand the question, skip it and come back at the end of the test. The CompTIA Network+ test has two main types of questions – multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions. These are all designed to test your ability to troubleshoot and work in an IT environment.

CompTIA Network+ FAQ

This article is about the easiest CompTIA exams for IT and cybersecurity. You can also check out our article on whether CompTIA certifications are worth it here. Chart out a study plan appertaining to the amount of time available to you and the study resources that you will be studying from.

How hard is the Network+ exam

IT, and networking in particular, is all about communication. Few other professions provide as many opportunities for students to gather in an online space and share knowledge. These are key items, and focusing on them can help you interpret what the question is asking correctly. In addition, you will likely be asked to choose the best response to a number of questions. In these cases, It’s possible that more than one response could be correct.

Is CompTIA Network+ Better Than CompTIA A+?

Of course everyone has their own study habits so I took everything in and had to figure out what worked best for me. Most of the content was new to me but I grasped much of it rather quickly. A few weeks in, I began using Jason Dions Udemy all-in-one course.

For example, the N Certification covers networking fundamentals and implementations while the N Certification touches on networking concepts and infrastructure with some overlap in other topics. I enjoyed these because he provides students with 6 different timed exams. The questions are closely worded to those that are on the exam . Once you complete an exam you have the opportunity to review all of your responses.

Nearly anyone with an interest in information technology who is willing to study for the exam can master its networking concepts. If you still have burning questions about CompTIA Network+, we’ve got you covered.

How hard is the Network+ exam

Once the exam started I wrote down the subnetting table on the whiteboard and it did come in handy on a few questions. I skipped the PBQs and did the multiple-choice questions straight through. The first five questions were very tricky due to their wording and I found myself second-guessing questions that dealt with fairly straightforward topics. I swear they really do try to trick you though, so read all the choices and every word in the question carefully.